Be a part of the next Podcast!

Our next Podcast will be recorded on 4/25, if anyone would like to be a guest via Skype PM me on FB or reply here with your Skype name so we can add you.

Another alternative is to go here and we will answer questions or publish any news left for us. Keep in mind while this is open now nothing will be answered or published until the podcast is recorded.

So far we have Michael, MJ, myself and a pre-recorded guest spot by Chris for the next podcast. We invite all members to join us and add to the Audi chat or ask us questions about the club. This includes any vendors that would like to spotlight anything that might be of interest to our members. We can do live or a pre-recorded spot

Feel free to PM me or reply to this message for more info and/or to reserve a spot on the next podcast!

Inaugural NCAC Podcast!

Well, here it is!! The first of many to come Podcasts from NCAC!! Please be gentle, it is Max’s first Podcast and it is my first time producing a Podcast.

As always we invite each and every member to be a part of our Podcasts and will be doing these on a fairly frequent basis.

Topics on this Podcast include:
* Devil’s Slide Drive
* #becausebags review!
* Membership information
* Closing


Sacramento Meetup – Natomas

Thanks to everyone that came out to the meetup in Natomas today. Was great seeing some new faces as well as some of the regulars that make this club as fun as it is to be a part of.

Here are the photos I took, my S4 is ready for a rally compared to Chris’s S5 lol. Such a height difference, his Stasis tune gives that car so much more pull than my stock S4!

Till next time!!

Sacramento Meetup Photos